Coding is a term used by car enthusiasts that refers to the process of making software modifications to a car. Software modications does not mean the car's software is altered, but rather that the vehicle's factory settings are altered based on personal preference or for added features and benefits.

What does coding provide?

Didn't get a car with all the bells and whistles? With coding, there are many features that can be added with a little research and patience. Below are some common features that can be added or modified with coding software:

  • Enable/disable alarm chirp
  • Enable phone ringtone
  • Enable turn signals to heads-up display
  • Enable tire pressure (psi) reading on screen
  • Enable bluetooth audio
  • Enable mirror folding when locking/unlocking car
  • Enable Sport+ mode
  • Enable over-the-air updates

YouTube user Nick Murray explains car coding.

What do you need to get started?

Find out what you need to code your BMW.

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