1 Find out if your BMW can be coded

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Don't see your BMW in the list? A full list of supported vehicles can be found on the Supported Vehicles page.

2 Purchase OBD Cable

Based on your vehicle specifications, the following cable was a match for your car coding:

Car Diagnostic Tool Cable USB Interface Automotive OBD2 OBDII 16Pin BMW INPA Ediabas K+DCAN

BMW K+DCAN Cable for E series
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Exx chassis vehicles use a USB-based cable and may require additional research to ensure cable is compatible with exact BMW model and year.

BMW ENET Interface Cable (OBD to Ethernet) For Coding Diagnostics

Fxx|Ixx chassis vehicles use an ethernet-based cable.

BMW ENet Cable for F series
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3 Get coding software

NCS Expert for E Chassis

Get NCS Expert

ESys for F & I Chassis

Get ESys

4 Watch the tutorials

If you have never coded your car before, there are helpful videos that will guide you through the coding process. It is always best to save a backup of your car's data in case of any issues. Note: coding may void manufacturer warranty. Always use caution when making changes.

See coding tutorial